Bannu Hospital

About Bannu Hospital

Bannu Hospital is a critical access hospital that will contain 60 – 100 beds. This health center is designed to provide the primary and secondary health care needs to a logo-symboldevastatingly underserved area of approximately 200,000 people. This population extends to the five tribal agency mandalas of Eturnagaram, Thadvai, Mangapeta, Mulugu and Govindaraopet of the Warangal district.BHC is a direct undertaking of the Bannu Arogyada Seva Society, registered under the AP Societies Act 2001, registration number 570 as of 2013.

Bannu Arogyada Seva Society was formed by Dr. Charanjit Veeramalla, a native of Warangal city, along with few like-minded physicians in India as well as in the USA. Bannu Arogyada Seva Society is directly and solely sponsored by its sister organization, Bannu USA. This is a non-profit 501 c (3) organization established in 2011 in New Hampshire, USA by Dr. Charanjit Veeramall

Our Mission and Vision

Bannu Hospital is focused on providing evidence-based, affordable healthcare to impoverished people living in under served areas of the world. We begin our work in the tribal areas of Warangal, Andhra Pradesh in Southern India.

Why We Need Bannu

There is an immense deficit of basic primary and secondary health care medical services in our service areas of Eturnagaram, Thadvai, Mangapeta, Mulugu, and Govindaraopet of the Warangal district. Though the World Health Organization (WHO) recommends 3 in-patient hospital beds for every 1000 people, India has an average ratio of 0.85 beds for every 1000 people.


Mobile Healthcare

Clinical Student Rotation

Our Services


hrgynaecology and ambulance facility: Bannu provides a board certified highly qualified trained ob/gynecologist comfortable with sonograms, C-sections, high risk pregnancies and all related procedures. We also provide a toll free service for 24 hours ambulance service with a trained Paramedic staff.

Neonatal ICU

Bannu has a 5 bed unit with incubators and phototherapy units for new borns .

Operative Theatre

Bannu has a state of the art air-conditioned OT with all new equipment including sterilization unit, automatic hydraulic table, high precision head lights, suction, cautery, boiler unit, Mechanical Ventilator, crash cart to name a few.

Health Camps

Bannu conducts periodic free health camps to reach the most interior of these forest agency area spread out in an area span of 800Sqkms. Namely royyur, Kannaigudem, shankarajupalli, Guttaigudem, Rajupeta, Thimmampeta, Malluru, Ramannagudem,Vazedu and venkatapur. Free medications, blood and urine tests are conducted and 5 speciality service are provided namely OB/GYN, ENT, Opthal, Internal medicine and audiology.


Bannu pharmacy has all the basic as well as emergency life saving drugs available all the time.These are mostly free of cost or at a bare minimal price.

Medical Record

All the patient encounters with the doctors will be documented electronically for both out patient as well as in-patients.


Bannu provides free accommodation for term pregnancy woman who always have transportation and lodging problems. Pregnant woman can stay for free till she is in active labor. Very helpful for folks very far away from the hospital

Clinical Lab

Bannu has all new lab equipment like cell count, chemistry analyzer ,centrifuge, microscope, refridgerator and other related equipment. Have full time certified technicians.

Dr. Preethi Dayal


Dr.Preethi Dayal is our full-time dedicated Obstetrics and Gyneacologist. Her love for these tribal people and nature brought her to join Bannu. She is multi-talented, a good surgeon, a good teacher and philanthropist.

Dr. Sirisha


Dr. Sirisha is our Internal Medicine physician. Would take care of all our general medical cases.

Mr. Shyam


Mr. Shyam is the manager as well as the Project Development Officer.



Mr.Venkatesh is a Certified Lab technician and Imaging. Very much dedicated to the patient care.