Garmet Workshop

Bannu School for Special Needs Children Vocational Training:

Bannu school for children with special needs continues to grow. Only 3 years ago Bannu opened its school beginning with 8 children and rapidly expanding to 100 children and 32 fulltime employees including higher level educators in Special Education, Occupational, Speech, psychology and Physical therapy.

Included in the highly anticipated expansion is Bannu’s Vocational Training Center which currently has 20 fulltime employees with training for students and their families, who continue to grow and integrate into the community.

With this training and employment, the effect has been far reaching. Within the first 10 months our employees and trainees have stitched 12,000 uniforms, opened bank accounts and learned the intricacies of the garment industry. Our goal is to reinvest our shared profits as we have recently purchased land to construct a campus for the increasing student body, higher education and housing. The school will expand production to include a broader range of textiles and products while including increased number of students and family members of students, in the shared success of Bannu’s Vocational Program.