Outpatient Services

  • General medicine

  • Orthopedics and trauma services

  • OB/GYN

  • Pediatrics

  • ENT/Ophthalmology services offered weekly

  • General surgery services

Inpatient services

  • Intensive care unit/critical care unit/pulmonary critical care

  • Neonatal intensive care

  • General ward for both medical and surgical patients including postoperative

  • Operative theatres for general surgery, OB/GYN and orthopedic/trauma

  • General dentistry along with sub-specialty back-ups on a weekly/biweekly basis

  • Physical therapy and rehabilitation

  • Tele-medicine collaborating with tertiary care center in Hyderabad/Warangal

  • Department of radiology which includes x-rays of the chest and abdomen, ultrasound unit, 2-D echocardiography, cardiac stress test unit capable of both exercise and nuclear stress testing, CT scan, Doppler sonography

  • Complete clinical laboratory including: microbiology, histology, pathology and blood bank.

  • Basic research equipment for collecting samples during periods of outbreaks of infectious diseases and to corroborate with the Central University of Hyderabad Department of microbiology.

Phase 1

The initial establishment of a basic nursing home with a diagnostic center. High-grade diagnostic equipment will be set-up, including chemical analyzer, immunoassay, and blood cell count machines capable of conducting 86 blood tests (which have already been purchased in the United States and transported to Warangal).

Phase 2

The construction of the 100 bed facility and the addition of a few specialties like general medicine, general surgery, anesthesia, OB/GYN, and critical care. Basic radiological diagnostic equipment will be implemented as well. Recruitment and training of appropriate technicians and para-medical/other ancillary staff.

Phase 3

Includes acquiring further specialty care, such as pediatrics, basic cardiology, orthopedics, CT scan, blood bank, telemedicine, cardiac stress testing, pulmonary function testing, physical therapy and rehabilitation, ENT, ophthalmology (once a week), dentistry, nursing school, and wound care. Establishing a teaching facility for students in the medical profession, including clinical rotations for medicine, pharmacy, physical therapy, and nursing.

The above described proposed health care facility will be a project undertaken by our nonprofit organization, Bannu Arogyada Seva Society (registered #570/2013), in collaboration with United States based NGO “Partners In Global Health.”