What We Do

What We Do

Bannu Neurohealth is an institute where we evaluate, assess, and enroll children and adults based on their mental disabilities.

Depending upon their chronological age and mental abilities as per their assessments and evaluations done by our qualified special-education faculty staff, the students will be grouped into various levels of classes ranging from early intervention program, pre-primary and primary group, secondary and prevocational group, as well as post secondary/vocational group.

Special Education

Early Intervention

Treating developmental delays in young children

The Bannu Early Intervention Program provides early learning and therapeutic services to infants and toddlers, from birth to age 3, who show delays in reaching developmental milestones or who have a medical diagnosis that puts them at risk for delays.

Early Intervention services are based on each child’s individual needs. Our professional staff members typically work with the child and family in their home, but we can also provide services in the child’s daycare center, nursery school, or other settings in the community.

To accommodate families’ scheduling needs, Early Intervention services are available in the early morning, late afternoon, evening and on weekends.

Services Include:

  • Social play groups

  • Physical, occupational and speech therapy

  • Sensory integration

  • Behavior therapy

  • Goal and objective development

  • Social Work-Support

  • Individual and group counseling

  • Supports for transitioning to school

Daily Care

Grouping of the students is done based on the ability and chronological age into different levels such as early intervention, the preprimary and primary, presecondary and secondary, pre-vocational and vocational/post secondary training. Students in this model attended school regularly on a daily basis.

Pre-Primary and Primary education serving children ages 3-12

In the early childhood years providing critical window for youth on the special education spectrum. The can often learn best and make the air biggest gains at this time, creating a strong foundation for the future development.

At Bhannu Neuro health we make the most of this vital period by providing a complete array of intense evidence-based educational therapies. These proven highly effective techniques to help children maximize abilities and reduce symptoms associated with their disabilities.

Under this education model Bhannu neurohealth provides:

  • Discrete trial instructions for 3 hours daily combined with social advantages of his school environment.(Discrete trial is the technique of applied behavioral analysis or ABA , a scientifically proven treatment)

  • Family Center support model including daily written communication, weekly meetings and optional home visits.

  • A high teacher to student ratio

  • Highly effective instructional strategies are incorporated into each child’s individualized curriculum.